August 8, 2023

Parish Picnic Pictures & Thank Yous!

As we mentioned last week, a huge THANK YOU to our Parish Picnic planning team – Stephanie Barry, Karen Brookman, Jessica Harris, Tamara Smith, and Anna Victoria! Thank you for helping us actualize the vision that you brainstormed.

A huge shout out and thank you to all our volunteers! (Many pictured below). To the volunteers who signed up, we are so appreciative of your proactivity and generosity of your time. To the volunteers who helped in any way – big or small – on the day of, thank you!
Thanks for the delicious sides: Teresa Caceres, Paula Cipolla, Pam Harmon, Marty Hillary, Penny Kriese, Sarah Sanchez, Luke Taylor, Anna Victoria, and Thuc Vu!
Thank you for the yummy desserts: Stefanie Buono, Teresa Cacares, Charlie Hiestand, Jean Hushebeck, Minda Marxheimer, Javier Ortiz, Sarah Sanchez, Mo Sin, Courtney Townsend, Simon Van Tulder, Riley Wendling
Thank you for helping us out with hamburger & hotdog toppings!: Matt Boileau, Monica Bradley, Janet Callis, Pam Harmon, George & Barbara Reich, and Jeanne Firth!
A huge shout out to Jack Arizcuren for helping us with a much needed 2nd grill!
We also couldn’t have done it without the work of the following people who manned the grill: Thanks to Jack Arizcuren, Ryan Schweizer, Luke Taylor, Riley Wendling, and Joseph Youngblood!
For the wealth of ice chests and shade, thank you David Ahmann, Matt Boileau, Karen Brookman, Paula Cipolla, Joseph Maricich, Karen Ramey and Julia Reed!
If you had fun with the games this year, we owe our thanks to Stephanie Barry for soliciting her friends and coworkers, and to David Ahmann and Simon Van Tulder!
Lastly, for the help setting up and cleaning up, all our thanks – Heti Lemalu, Joseph Maricich, Karen Ramsey, Stephanie Barry, Jessica Harris, Jack Arizcuren, Karen Brookman, Kathleen Cramer, Ryan Schweizer, Taniele Tucker, Anna Victoria, and Joseph Youngblood!
We know we are forgetting many names but what a generous community we have. Thank you for making this community effort a true success!