Facilities and Grounds

Our Facilities and Parish Grounds




Parish Office and Rectory

Parish Office and Rectory are a part of the same building. The entrance is located on 1st Ave W between Galer and Lee.




House of Prayer

The House of Prayer was Originally built in 1910 as the convent for the Holy Name Sisters. The library and dining room are used for small group gatherings. Parishioners request use of these rooms by contacting the parish office. The prize gem of the House of Prayer is the Adoration Chapel. The interior, with its stain glassed windows and original pews make it a warm and welcoming place for prayer. We offer peace and security to anyone visiting the prayer by providing an access code and keeping the building locked at all times. Simply call the parish office and we will personally give you the code. Find out more about adoration and how you can sign up here.




Comfort Room

We welcome families with young children at church! It’s important to our church community that you not only feel welcomed, but comfortable with infants or toddlers when you come to worship. Our comfort room provides space for children and parents/guardians who need space for little ones to roam or rumble during mass times. It is located at the western entrance – closest to 2nd Ave W. A television with live feed of the mass is available so adults can continue to participate actively in the mass. Adults with young children are welcomed and by no means required to use this space.




Banchero Hall

Banchero Hall is our second largest gathering space. It is located on school grounds and used for sports, dinners, performances and other large community events. Although we are currently not hosting wedding and funeral receptions, this is the facility normally used for those events.




The Contemplative Garden

The Contemplative Garden is a wonderful rose garden with labyrinth designed by one of our parishioners. As it is on school grounds, behind the House of Prayer, access is only permitted outside school hours.





Aside from the parking lot just north of the Parish office & Rectory, overflow parking from the church is readily available on the school playground.