April 27, 2023

Census Results

Wait, there was a census? What was that again?

Over the last couple of months, we conducted a parish-wide census to get more accurate and up-to-date information about those who are actively involved in our community. Our goals were two-fold. One, as we launch into Partners in the Gospel, with the first phase happening in the fall, the results provide crucial datapoints about our community. And two, we are in the beginning stages of a migration to a new database system called ParishStaq and having accurate information will speed the merger along for us. People involved with St. Anne received a series of both emails and physical communications about the census, and we conducted in-person registration opportunities over multiple weekends.

What do all the numbers mean?

Our numbers represent those who voluntarily chose to be included in our database, and the numbers reflect various datapoints about our community. We encourage everyone to review the results! One thing to note – these numbers reflect those who chose to be associated with St. Anne, and the numbers are not necessarily reflective of weekly mass attendance or active participation in the community.

How is the parish going to use this information?

All information gathered is kept confidential and secure, and we will only use this information for communication purposes related to either parish or Archdiocesan initiatives and programs. Most practically, we gathered this information to facilitate the merger with ParishStaq. Once the merger is complete, you will have full control and access to your own information. From a strategic standpoint, the results of the census provide information in our strategic and financial planning. The staff will be actively reviewing the numbers when making ministry decisions and planning, and both the Parish Leadership Team and the Finance Council will review the results and use them in planning in the coming months.

Will parishioners have a chance to learn more about these numbers and the planning process for the future?

Absolutely! We are currently planning several initiatives to be rolled out in the summer and in the fall where parishioners will have an opportunity to get an inside look at the vision, strategy, and planning of the future of St. Anne’s. These initiatives will include more information about Partners in the Gospel, the roll out of ParishStaq, ways for parishioners to continue to be involved and serve our community, greater opportunities for community building, and so much more. Stay tuned!

I missed the census, or I opted out. How does this affect me?

If you missed the Census and still wish to participate, you will need to fill out a new parishioner registration on our website (click the big JOIN button at the top of our webpage!). If you opted out of participating in the census, please be aware that you have opted out of all communications with St. Anne and are not considered a registered parishioner.

We wish to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated! The information provided by all of you will be instrumental to all of us as staff.

Jessica Harris, Director of Operations


Total Households Total Individuals
502 1183
(389 of whom are 18 years old and younger)


(501 responses collected for ethnicity)