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St. Anne

Catholic Parish


News & Updates

*UPDATED* As of 3/19/21

Stewardship of Treasure Campaign 2021

“We are a people of hope!”

We invite everyone to join together in sharing the financial blessings to which God has entrusted them. We thank all who have already made their commitment for 2021. Your generosity allow us to fulfill the mission of St. Anne Parish and to celebrate and spread God’s love in our community and beyond. Please prayerfully consider what portion of your money you can commit to the life of St. Anne. We would especially appreciate in the pandemic time for you to donate on-line which is safe and convenient. May God continue to bless you in every way.

Mass Information

Saturday Vigil Mass: 5pm

Sunday Mass: 10am.


Sign up via Flocknote is Required. See below for links.

The 10am is live-streamed via Youtube and Facebook. 

Daily Mass Times: no pre-registration needed.

Wed, Thur, Fri: 5:30 pm

Confessions: no pre-registration needed.

Saturday: 3:30-4:30 pm

Wed, Thur, Fri: 5-5:20 pm (Ends 10 min before Mass)

Enter on the Southwest entrance of the Church, by Lee & 2nd Ave.

(Or by appointment.)

Due to new COVID regulations, the parish office is open only by appointment. Please call 206-282-0223 to set up an appointment.

Parish Staff are still able to access and respond to both voicemail and email in a timely manner. Necessary paper work, donations, etc. may be dropped through the mail slot near the front door of the office building.


Please Click Here For Mass Guidelines & Expectations.

Hey, you! Yes YOU! Want to volunteer for Mass?

Please sign up here to commit to volunteering once a month. 

The funeral for John Sheehy will be on Friday, March 26th at 10:30 am. To attend, sign up here.

Service Opportunities during Lent for Adults and Families

Looking for ways you might bless someone else during Lent?  As you might guess, very few outreach sources are engaging volunteers directly right now because of Covid-19 safety measures.  But there are still some ways to help:

  • Queen Anne Helpline is accepting shopping bags with items from their list of recommendations, available on their Facebook page, primarily food and hygiene items.  Check their website at www.queenannehelpline.org 

  • Queen Anne Food Bank at Sacred Heart church can always use homemade sandwiches and homemade soups, pretty much every day of the week.  Their website is down right now,  www.qafb.org; or phone them at  (206)216-4102.   Recently they were seeking volunteers to help set up and/or take down outdoor lunch-service tables and chairs - that's probably still a need.

  • Our parish Martha's Workers group still makes sandwiches each Monday morning for delivery to various shelters. While they can't take additional volunteers, they're delighted to accept home-baked cookies. You can bring them to Mass Sat. evening or Sun. morning, or deliver to the church main doors by 8:30am Mondays.


Other Possibilities We Recommend For Families


- Be a light! If you're attending Mass, introduce yourself to another person or family you don't know. Each week, even after Lent is ended. 


- When you go for a walk, bring a bag and gloves so you can pick up trash to help keep your neighborhood or local park clean.


- Check on neighbors who may be seniors or disabled - do they need help with yard work or house work?


- Each day for a week, gather your family and ask God to help anyone who needs a job so they can provide a home and food for their family. Include a prayer of gratitude for what you have received.


- Set an intention: Set aside $10-$20 in ones and/or fives, and plan on giving them away to people on the street who are asking for help. Form the notion of  "my brother" or "my sister" as you approach.  Say something to them, like "We hope this helps a little." (Consider giving up a dessert or treat in order to gather your donation money.)


And for a few hundred additional ideas, visit www.volunteermatch.org  and enter either Seattle or your ZIP code.


We hope you will find just the right blessing for yourself and others in your world!

Immediate Help Needed!


The Queen Anne Helpline is in need of pre-packed grocery bags (listed below), razors, and deodorant. 


Please call ahead 206.282.1540 to arrange drop-offs.


Sign up to give here.

Other Upcoming Dates: 

~ Stay tuned!

Parish Calendar





Participate in virtual Mass (Celebrated in Private by Fr. Colin), Sunday's: 10am via Youtube and Facebook 


Daily Mass: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday - Friday

NO pre-registration needed for attending in person! 

Livestream via Facebook and Youtube.


I signed St. Anne up for streaming series named, FORMED.ORG, and it is FREE for you! 


Watch the series, "Presence", about the Eucharist, Learn about Baptism, or really anything!





Want to stay in the loop? Sign up for Flocknote, our primary method of communication here at St. Anne.



Need to speak to Fr. Colin for prayer? Need confession, or counsel in person? Schedule it! 



Are you new and don't know who to contact? Please fill out the form below.

Contact Us




Want to hear Fr. Colin's Sunday homilies, reflections, and teachings? Click on the image below to go to St. Anne "TeachCast", a podcast where all of Fr. Colin's recordings will be posted. TeachCast is also on Spotify.



Resource Lists

Many free resources are listed on the resource page. Also, book links, text links provided by Fr. Colin.




Sharing our gifts of time, talent, and treasure is an essential need. In this time of separation, it is ever more important that we practice a life of stewardship. Above you have seen many opportunities for practicing Stewardship of Time & Talent. Below, you will find ways to practice Stewardship of Treasure.

Recurring Gifts

This is our preferred method of Giving. This kind of Stewardship allows us to continue to operate with regularity and to budget with wisdom and prudence. To set up a recurring gift, click below and designate it in the "Stewardship" box. We use a company named, "Vanco" for this which goes by "eservicepayments". 

Single Gifts

We, of course, accept weekly donations that are not on a recurring basis. We use PayPal for this. Click below to make a single donation via PayPal.

Annual Catholic Appeal

Your donation supports the mission of the Catholic Church in western Washington by funding Catholic social ministries, programs for youth and young adult ministries, Catholic Schools, faith programs, plus administrative support for 169 parishes and missions, such as liturgy guidance, evangelization, human resources, and much more.


Fr. Colin Parrish, fr.colin@stanneseattle.org

Priest Administrator, which is like a mini-Pastor. Apparently I do content creation and web development too ...

Phone: 206-282-0223

Mike Borte, mikeborte@stanneseattle.org

Contact Mike with questions regarding Faith Formation, Sacramental Prep, and council and commission. You can also reach him by phone at:

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. 311

Judy Vitzthum, judy@stanneseattle.org

Direct any volunteer, group, and community questions to Judy. 

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. Ext. 307

Kathy Picht, kathy@stanneseattle.org

Direct any general inquiries to Kathy. Honestly, she knows most everything. 

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. Ext. 304

Gerry Scully, gscully@stanneseattle.org

Everyone say hello to Gerry! Gerry is our new Business Admin and Facilities wizard. 

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. Ext. 302

Erica Leung, communications@stanneseattle.org

Erica is our Pastoral Assistant for Communications! She's here to help Fr. Parish with communicating with all of you through email, phone calls and our social media platforms. So please reach out to her with your questions/feedback. 

Phone: 831-245-9039 

Colleen Tyerman, colleen@stanneseattle.org

She does the books, don't mess with her. 

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. Ext. 305

Mary Sherman, msherman@stannesea.org

Principal of the St. Anne School. If you don't have her info, she probably has yours.

Phone: 206-282-3538 Ext. 101

Kevin Vortmann

Choir Director. 

Phone: 206-282-0223 Ext. 306

Address & Phone

1411 1st Ave W., Seattle, WA, 98119