St. Anne Social Justice Commission 

We at St. Anne Catholic Parish believe it is extremely important to increase our cultural awareness and competency in order to create a more loving and accepting community for all. 

This page is for members of the community of St. Anne to have access to literacy resources relating to racial justice in our society today. 


To learn more about opportunities to participate in social justice activities, please visit our Facebook page. (currently under reconstruction but will be up ASAP)

Resources and Readings for Consideration


Stories & Black Catholic Voices


Black Catholics React to George Floyd’s murder.


Gloria Purvis, speaker, Radio Host, & Pro-Life Educator, on why Catholics Need to Care about Racism. A Podcast Episode.


Fr. Josh on racism and being Black and Catholic


Fr. Josh interviewed by Fr. Mike Schmitz about Reconciling the Church


Gloria Purvis interviewed about Racism and the Church.


Black Catholics Saints and their stories:

History: Faith and Racism


Black Catholics: History, Evangelization, and BLM

In which two friends of mine (Nate-Tinner Williams and Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein), are interviewed about Faith and Racism.


The History of Black Catholics in the United States, by Cyprian Davis

-a seminal work on Black Catholic history in the US. This is a must read, If you can get your hands on this since it is out of print.


The Church in the US / Catholic Teachings and Primers

-The Catholic Bishop’s of the US have many many resources available for education.


Catholic Social Teaching: these are the foundational teachings of the Church around social issues, this primer course can help start from a common beginning point.







Theology and Spirituality and Principles of Action


The Cross and the Lynching Tree, by James H. Cone.

A beautiful and challenging work of Theology in relation to Jesus’ experience on the cross and systematic racism in the US.


John Paul II—the most important Saint in the Church concerning teaching around Social Issues. 


Father Augustus Tolton: The Slave Who Became the First African-American Priest, by Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers


Thea’s Song: the Life of Thea Bowman.

Sister Thea Bowman, Servant of God, has a voice and a witness that is amazing.


On the need for humility: doing God’s will vs. exacting our wrath. By Baldwin of Canterbury

See Attached PDF


False Gods of American Politics, Haley Stewart

-In which this Catholic writer exposes our political idols and re-orients us to authentic morality, of which have cannot be contained by political ideology.


I’m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture is Toxic: There are better ways of doing social justice work. By, Loretta Ross

-Why we shouldn’t act out of Wrath

How to Go About Learning, Some Steps

- Purposely develop friendships with people who are different from you in visible and invisible ways. Spend time with them. Listen to their stories.


- Read books and watch documentaries about groups to which you do not belong.


- Differentiate between safety and discomfort. Accept discomfort as necessary for social justice growth.


- Strive for intellectual humility. Be willing to grapple with challenging ideas.


  • Take the Implicit Association Test developed by Harvard University


All movies below can be found on either streaming platforms or for purchase.

13th, Netflix

Just Mercy, Amazon Prime

I Am Not Your Negro, Hulu

Dear White People, Netflix


Short Clip on Systemic Racism


James Baldwin: he has some of the best prose in the English language. 


Notes of a Native Son


The Fire Next Time


If Beale Street Could Talk

So, You Want to Talk About Race, By Ijeoma Oluo


How to Be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi


Kendi on Racism, a short article.


White Fragility: Why it is so hard for white people to talk about Race. By Robin DiAngelo

Click here for a discussion by Dr. DiAngelo


White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Peggy McIntosh


Seeing White, a Podcast


"A Different Mirror" by Ronald Takaki


"Midnight in Broad Daylight: A Japanese American Family Caught 

Between Two Worlds" by Pamela Rotner Sakamoto


"Tears We Cannot Stop" by Michael Eric Dyson

Parenting and Racism:


Organizations to Support (image)


Rehumanize International 

A Wonderful Advocacy Non-Profit that helps end all forms of violence, including Racism.


Fulcrum Foundation

Fulcrum Foundation helps fund underprivileged Catholic School in Western Washington. This is a great organization to support in order to raise up new voices and develop leaders among people of color.


Washington State Catholic Conference

The Catholic Bishop’s Advocacy organization is a very effective means for bringing about change.


Something Beautiful

Originally from ESPN’s Twitter account.