Prayers of the Faithful

October 2017

Oct 21

October 22 ~ Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May World Mission Day renew within all Christian communities the joy of the Gospel; through the Church, may the good news of your love be made manifest in the world.  Lord, king of all creation, we pray. + We pray for our country, calling to mind all that is good in our nation, and all that is in harmony with your spirit of justice and...
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Oct 18

October 15 ~ Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church persevere with steadfast faith in your strength to do all things in accord with the glorious riches in Jesus Christ.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + That politicians and economists will commit themselves to resolving the world's ills so that all may enjoy a true quality of life.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + As...
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Oct 7

October 8 ~ Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ The Church has become the cornerstone of faithful service to you.  May each of us be of service to those in need in our area, and in other places in the world.  Holy Spirit, guardian of our hearts and minds, we pray. + In these troubling times when baseness and contempt seem to prevail, help us to fill our minds with whatever is...
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