Prayers of the Faithful

June 2018

Jun 30

July 1 ~ Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May you strengthen the bond of unity between the faithful and the pastors and leaders of the Church.  Christ, our life, we pray. + May we remember that all the creatures of the world you have made are good, that justice is undying, and that you made us in your own  image.  Help us to live and act accordingly.  Christ, our...
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Jun 23

June 24 ~ The Nativity of John the Baptist

+ John the Baptist experienced the graces of Christ while still in his mother's womb; may the People of God live their baptismal promises with renewed fervor and joy.  Father of joy and love, we pray. + John the Baptist fearlessly proclaimed the truth, even though it led to his imprisonment and death.  May all Christians bear witness...
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Jun 17

June 17 ~ Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church put forth branches and bear fruit, as it reaches out to all humanity.  Holy Spirit, giver of life, we pray. + For the U.S. and world leaders and all elected officials: may they provide care and assistance to those forced to flee, helping them build new lives; and may they work together to end the strife and persecution...
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Jun 9

June 10 ~ Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.  Lord, my light and my salvation, we pray. + For all refugees who are forced to flee from their homes:  may they be brought to a lifesaving place of peace and safety.  Help us...
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Jun 2

June 3 ~ The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

+ For the Church, the Body of Christ: that we will deepen our devotion to your sacrifice which gives life to the world.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + May the redemptive power of Christ's Eucharistic sacrifice extend to the hearts and minds of those who govern.  Jesus, bread of life, we pray. + Help us to become aware once again,...
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