Prayers of the Faithful

December 2019

Dec 31

January 1, 2020 ~ Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

+ That Mary, Mother of the Church, will guide and protect the whole church with her motherly love.  O Morning Star, come to us, we pray. + That all the world may know Mary's tender care, and in this new year bring everlasting harmony and peace to all people.  O Morning Star, come to us, we pray. + May all those from diverse religious...
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Dec 29

December 29 - the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

+ May we, the Church and family of Christ, offer one another heartfelt compassion, humility, and patience.  God who calls us into being, we pray. + May the people of the world come to understand that we are all one family, the children of God.  God who calls us into being, we pray. + For families who struggle:  may they find a...
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Dec 21

December 22 ~ 4th Sunday of Advent

For the Church:  that we may, like excited children, await in joyous expectation the birth of our saving Lord.  God with us, we pray. For all nations that we may promote peace and respect within and across our borders.  God with us, we pray. For the grace to welcome the presence of Jesus that comes to us through the Motherhood...
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Dec 15

December 15 ~ Third Sunday of Advent

+ For the Church:  that we may celebrate this season of the coming of the Messiah with compassion, generosity and joy, and thereby attract the disillusioned and cynical to the Good News of Jesus.  Lord of all joy, we pray. + For the world:  grant wisdom courage and support to your people who dedicate their lives to the...
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Dec 7

December 8 ~ 2nd Sunday of Advent

+ For all peoples whose homelands are imperiled by the rising sea:  may they find hope in your loving care and have the courage to begin again.  Holy Spirit, presence among us, we pray + For the Church:  we ask our Blessed Mother to intercede for us for the grace to wisely and faithfully follow her Son's call.  Holy Spirit,...
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