September 8 ~ 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May we, your church, be true disciples, placing adherence to your teachings as priority in all our affairs.  God of all wisdom, we pray.

+For the world:  may all people who exercise power be guided by the Holy Spirit of Wisdom.  God of all wisdom, we pray

+ Comfort those who, throughout the world, remain enslaved, and help us to be the means to end their slavery.  God of all wisdom, we pray.

+For those affected by Hurricane Dorian and its aftermath and for all working to provide relief:  surround them with your protection and open our hearts and hands to provide support.  God of all wisdom, we pray.

+ We hold in prayer the tragic memory of what happened on September 11, 2001 and ask your continued comfort and support of all those directly affected by that tragedy especially the first responders who continue to suffer as a result.  God of all wisdom, we pray.

+ May we truly see all others as beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.  God of all wisdom, we pray.

+ For all those who are sick including Joan Johnson, Margaret Rican (Rick-end), Frank Siderius, Alan Rosenthal, Beverly Peterson, and Naomi Zamberlin.  We pray also for those who have died including Katherine Gehrts and Bob Maxwell, God of all wisdom, we pray.

+In thankfulness for all that is written in our Parish Book of Thanksgiving.  We pray also for the intentions written in the Parish Book of Intercessions and those we hold in the silence of our hearts. 

God of all wisdom, we pray.