September 30 ~ Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ That the Church continues to perform mighty deeds in the name of the Lord.  May we all strive to do good in Jesus' name and so become his disciples in the world.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ As the leaders in our church are appointed to set an example of good works and deeds of love for all of us, may we follow their example to love and help all those who suffer.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ We pray for the leaders of our nation, that they will let go of any selfish ambition, arrogance or insincerity, and instead come together in peace to listen with open hearts to what each other has to say and to work for the good of all.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ Bestow your Spirit on us all so that we might become an integral part of your kingdom on earth.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ We ask your blessings on the people living in Tent City 5 in the Interbay area and all others experiencing homelessness, hunger and separation in our area.  May we work to provide for their needs and to change the policies and attitudes that put them at risk.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ For the grace to see the needs of our brothers and sisters and to assist them by dedicating our lives, prayers and resources to helping them.  God of mercy, we pray.

+ For all those who are sick including Chari Kinney; Lorraine Crist; Joseph Gentile, father of Liz McKay; Laine Tyerman; Mike Finn; Carol Vizzare; and Fr. Dick Basso.  We also pray for all those who have died, including and Pauline Simpson, sister of Richard Kearns; and Isabelle Collora,  mother of Charlie Collora.   God of mercy, we pray.

+ In thankfulness for all that is written in our Parish Book of Thanksgiving.  We pray also for the intentions written in the Parish Book of Intercessions and those we hold in the silence of our hearts.  God of mercy, we pray.

The Petitions offered at Saturday vigil and Sunday Masses are written by  St. Anne parishioners who meet to consider the needs of our community, our church and our world in light of the scriptures.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, you are already invited:  No experience or special knowledge is needed, just a heartfelt desire to pray with our community.  For questions, or to participate, please call Carol Ford at 206-281-5920.