November 24 ~ Solemnity of Christ the King

+ For the world:  as we give thanks for the bounty of this earth, may we commit to protecting that bounty for generations to come.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ For the Church: Lord Jesus Christ, king of the universe, we pray that all the world may come to know and love you.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ Like the thief on the cross, Jesus remember us and deliver us from the power of darkness.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ We pray for our community--teach us reverence for every person and all things.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ We pray for all those who are sick including Frank Siderius, Margaret Rican, Naomi Zamberlin, Joan Johnson, Alan Rosenthal, Kathi Ellsworth, and John O’Keefe, brother of Kate Youngblood.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ We pray also for those who have died including Fr. Joe Kramis, Beverly Peterson, Deacon Dick Combs, Helen Lindholm, Fr. John Renggli, Christine Ball, Jeffrey Nolan, and Joan Petersilla Thomas, sister of Peggy Johnson.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

+ In thankfulness for all that is written in our Parish Book of Thanksgiving.  We pray also for the intentions written in the Parish Book of Intercessions and those we hold in the silence of our hearts.  Jesus, Lord of all, we pray.

The Petitions offered at Saturday vigil and Sunday Masses are written by  St. Anne parishioners who meet to consider the needs of our community, our church and our world in light of the scriptures.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, you are already invited:  No experience or special knowledge is needed, just a heartfelt desire to pray with our community.  For questions, or to participate, please call Carol Ford at 206-281-5920.