May 6 ~ Sixth Sunday of Easter

+ May the Church be holy and obedient to your Word and stand before the world without stain or blemish.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ That believers will witness the presence of Christ in our midst through generous acts of friendship.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ Help us to accept everyone we meet in our lives, for we are all one in the Holy Spirit.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ For the children of our community who made their First Holy Communion last weekend, and for the young people who will receive the sacrament of Confirmation later this month: may they always be aware of your love and presence in their lives.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ Bless all our gifts given to the parish-wide Hope and Healing project and to the Guatemala medical-dental team as we support their mission of bringing hope and healing to the world.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ For the grace this week to keep Jesus' commandments in all our dealings.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ For all those who are sick including Luke Cheseldon, son of Bryan and Mary Lou Cheseldon; Steve Nordeck, brother of Vicki Panko; John Blasi, father of Jeanne Riley; Jill Ragsdale; Chari Kinney; and Cheryl Potakos.  We also pray for those who have died including Nancy Weber, mother of Chris Weber; Father Michael Wagner; Charlene Mitchell, sister of Kathi Ellsworth; Stella Nissen; and David Marriott.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

+ In thankfulness for all that is written in our Parish Book of Thanksgiving.  We pray also for the intentions written in the Parish Book of Intercessions and those we hold in the silence of our hearts.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray.

The Petitions offered at Saturday vigil and Sunday Masses are written by  St. Anne parishioners who meet to consider the needs of our community, our church and our world in light of the scriptures.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, you are already invited:  No experience or special knowledge is needed, just a heartfelt desire to pray with our community.  For questions, or to participate, please call Carol Ford at 206-281-5920.