July 7 ~ 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May your Church live, not in scarcity of spirit, but in the abundance of your shalom - in wholeness, forgiveness and encouragement.  Triune God of love, we pray.

+ We pray especially for world leaders, including our President:  that they will seek not war but peaceful solutions to their nations' problems.  Triune God of love, we pray.

+ In thanksgiving for our new leader, Fr. Colin.  Be with him and our whole parish as we work together to love and serve you in Jesus' name.  Triune God of love, we pray.

+ We pray for our community as you send us out to respond to the needs all around us.  Triune God of love, we pray.

+ In times of despair and distress, help us to remember, O Lord, that you are our mother comforting, holding and loving us, and replenishing our hope.  Triune God of love, we pray.

+ Let us pray for all those who are sick including those whose names we now say out loud.   [Fr.Colin will end this prayer with "we pray to the Lord".]

The Petitions offered at Saturday vigil and Sunday Masses are written by  St. Anne parishioners who meet to consider the needs of our community, our church and our world in light of the scriptures.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, you are already invited:  No experience or special knowledge is needed, just a heartfelt desire to pray with our community.  For questions, or to participate, please call Carol Ford at 206-281-5920.