February 8 ~ 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church, as it is commemorating the annual World Day of the Sick, entreat You to be close with Your healing power to all who are ill or infirmed.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ When we feel despair, desolation or hopelessness, may we remember that we must put our faith in You.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ We pray for the millions of people who have been victims of modern day slavery.  May we stand firm in our resolve to create a slavery-free world.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ May our lives be attuned to Your work in the world so that we can participate in that work.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ May young people be protected from the snares of the world and be kept close in friendship with Jesus.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ For the grace this week to carry out Your will faithfully from moment to moment.  Christ our hope, we pray.

+ For all those who are sick especially Charlene Collora, Esther Walsh, mother of Mary Ellen Kennedy.   Also, we pray for those who have died including Rick Sanchez, Ellen Fuhrman, and Richard Crist.      Christ our hope, we pray.

+ In thankfulness for all that is written in our new Parish Book of Thanksgiving.  We pray also for the intentions written in the Parish Book of Intercessions and those we hold in the silence of our hearts.  Christ our hope, we pray.