Prayers of the Faithful

July 2019

Jul 13

July 14 ~ 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ Help us, as your Church, to listen for your voice of love and then to follow.  God of our innermost being, we pray. + We pray that world leaders will persevere in exploring avenues of common purpose to reach a just and peaceful resolution with Iran.  God of our innermost being, we pray. + Dear Lord, may all of us, your disciples,...
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Jul 6

July 7 ~ 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May your Church live, not in scarcity of spirit, but in the abundance of your shalom - in wholeness, forgiveness and encouragement.  Triune God of love, we pray. + We pray especially for world leaders, including our President:  that they will seek not war but peaceful solutions to their nations' problems.  Triune God of love,...
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