Prayers of the Faithful

May 2018

May 20

May 20 ~ Pentecost

+ We ask your blessings on everyone throughout the world.  Give us all the courage to follow in the path of Jesus, through your Holy Spirit, bringing peace, justice and mercy into the world.  Holy Spirit, breath of love, we pray. + Help us to remember that despite our differences, we are one in your Holy Spirit as the Body of Christ,...
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May 14

May 13 ~ Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

+ For the Church:  that we your people will live with an ardent hope for heaven.  Jesus, leading us to heaven, we pray. + May the authority of heaven guide the actions of those who govern on earth.  Jesus, leading us to heaven, we pray. + Come find us, just where we are, and through your mercy and grace, help us to follow...
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May 5

May 6 ~ Sixth Sunday of Easter

+ May the Church be holy and obedient to your Word and stand before the world without stain or blemish.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray. + That believers will witness the presence of Christ in our midst through generous acts of friendship.  Holy Trinity, our friend, we pray. + Help us to accept everyone we meet in our lives, for...
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May 1

April 29 ~ Fifth Sunday of Easter

+ That the Church will be built up and walk in your love.  Father of us all, we pray. + May the children receiving First Holy Communion this weekend receive the gift of the Holy Eucharist which will draw them deeper into an unending friendship with you.  Father of us all, we pray. + As branches are to the true vine, may we continue...
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