Prayers of the Faithful

September 2018

Sep 16

September 16 ~ Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ The Church leaders are ordained by you to give help to all members.  Lead them in doing good and giving care to all brothers and sisters.  Lord of tranquility, we pray. + In trust, we ask that you heal whatever is broken in our world, our Church, our homes, and our own hearts.  Lord of tranquility, we pray. + For the grace to...
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Sep 8

September 9 ~ Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May we, the Church, spread your word throughout the world.  Father of love, we pray. + We pray for those whom the church has failed, and for those who experience the church as unsafe.  Cleanse the church—and each of us—with your love.  Heal us.  Father of love, we pray. + May the leaders of all nations avoid...
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Sep 1

September 2 ~ Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ That leaders of the Church may be doers of the Word as examples for all of us to follow.  Triune God, lover of all, we pray. + May the people of the world be undefiled before you, as they care for each other.  Triune God, lover of all, we pray. + We continue to pray for the well-being of our nation during these challenging...
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