110th Anniversary Parishoner Interviews

A Light on the Hill for 110 Years
and for Generations to Come!

Celebrating 110 Years of St. Anne Parish History.  Below you will find links to the stories collected from parishioners sharing their experiences of growing up in and helping to form our vibrant Parish community.  Enjoy! (Click the names to learn the story)

ROBERT “BOB” MAXWELL "The oldest St. Anne School Graduate Still at St. Anne Parish"

MARCELLE HICKMAN & John “Her Faith is Important to Her”

BARBERIS FAMILY - Mimi, Anne, Nancy & Janis "Four Generations"

PENSO/LEGAZ/MOELLER/GROTHKOPP FAMILY: Joan Legaz Moeller, Jim Legaz & Gina Legaz Grothkopp--Five Generations - Three currently at St. Anne

MARLENE YOUNG “Strong faith and belief in God”

VIZZARE FAMILY  “St. Anne is like a brotherhood, a family.”

FR. ROGER O'BRIEN "This Parish made me who I am today."

HELEN NAVONE GLEASON-Tom, Jennifer Hyde, Juliette Roger, Mary Bridget Pehl, Annie Hilton, Terry  "Five Generations – Three Generations Currently at St. Anne"

JOE NAVONE “Our Church has a Global Feeling”

MARY MOTTLE “Says the Daily Rosary Still at 93”

RICHARD “RICH” KEARNS “St. Anne is My Parish”

NANCY MORIARITY, Ed & Ken “A Parish Family”


CONNIE LAMB, John & Tom “It is Jesus and God That You do Things for”

TIM ZAMBERLIN "You help people out; it is just the thing that you do."

BARBARA & PAT RANEY Erin & Quinn Raney Ernst: "Four Generations"


RAY NISSEN “Old School”

Coming Soon:
CHUCK & CHARLENE DEROSIER “St. Anne is a Great Community”