Who we are . . .


St. Anne Parish Community

   Located  atop  Queen  Anne  Hill  in  the  heart  of  Seattle, St. Anne is a dynamic Catholic community of over 600 households. For 110 years, St. Anne has been an active part of the neighborhood, with an outstanding elementary school, dedicated lay involvement, and strong emphasis on ministries that make a difference in the world around us.

St. Anne Parish is a multi-generational Catholic community that values the enthusiasm of its children, the wisdom of its seniors, and the involvement of everyone in between. We strive to serve the diverse needs of our members, with activities that bring us together as a community, and programs that address the specific needs of various age groups and backgrounds. An important ministry of the parish, St. Anne School, provides students pre-K through eighth grade with a quality education that promotes academic excellence, fosters Gospel values, builds Christian community, and inspires Catholic stewardship.


In 2016 St. Anne parish community brought to near completion the renovation/remodeling project initiated some 20 years earlier.  Below, doors that were formerly a stained glass window now open wide to welcome all into the narthex.

The new main entrance    
into the church is reflected in the baptismal font -   our true main entrance into the life of the Church.  New curved pews throughout the sanctuary draw
all toward the altar at the center.