Parish Leadership and Ministries

While the Pastoral Coordinator is appointed by the Archbishop as the pastoral leader of the parish, he works collaboratively with the parish staff and consultative bodies.

The councils (Pastoral and Finance) collaborate with the Pastoral Coordinator to address the needs and direction of the overall parish.  Commissions provide leadership in one particular area of parish life (e.g., school, liturgy, social justice).  Both councils and commissions serve primarily through recommending priorities, strategic planning, and communication. New members are selected each spring through the Parish Discernment Process.  The staff, councils and commissions work closely together in implementing the action steps of the parish Five Year Plan.

In each area of parish life, committees, organizations and outreach ministries work with the staff and commissions to coordinate the programs and activities of the parish.  Parishioners are encouraged to support their parish community through stewardship of their time and talent by volunteering in one of the parish ministries.  An overview of these is provided in the Parish Ministries Directory.

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