Prayers of the Faithful

February 2017

Feb 19

February 19 ~ Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May all bishops, united with the authority of the chair of St. Pete, be zealous and loving shepherds of Christ's flock.  Lord of Love, we pray. + Regardless of the powerful influences in today's culture, including its values and ways of thinking, may we always remember that we belong to you.  Lord of Love, we pray. + That all...
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Feb 11

February 12 ~ Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ That the Church may act as a mediator in finding solutions to problems affecting peace, social harmony, and the defense of human life and civil rights.  Lord of Wisdom, we pray. + May those engaged in business serve the common good by working to make the goods of the world accessible to all.  Lord of Wisdom, we pray. + In making...
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Feb 4

February 5 ~ Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church preach and teach with authority, winning many to the Gospel.  Lord of Light, we pray. + Help us to show your love, not just through words but through our direct and concrete action in the world, especially on behalf of the stranger, and those who are needy, poor or oppressed.  May they find welcome and comfort in our...
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Feb 2

January 29 ~ Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ May the Church stand before the world without stain or blemish, holy and obedient to your Word.  Jesus, Prince of Peace, we pray. + In this time of division, fear and deep-seated ill-will in our country - in your name and through your love of all people - unite us in faith, strengthen our courage, and give us perseverance to climb the...
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